Majid Jamaleldine

Full Stack Developer

Hello! My name is Majid Jamaleldine. I am a University of Minnesota - Twin Cities alumni with a Master's degree in Medical Device Innovation and a BS degree in Biology. My academic focus is centered deep within the sciences but I've always had a passion for the arts. I held a partner position at Line Break Media, LLC. in Minneapolis, Minnesota, building out the motion graphics capabilities of the company.

I recently completed the University of Minnesota's 2018 Full Stack Development Boot Camp and have moved to Austin, TX as of September 2018. I am now looking to apply my skills and experience in the Austin tech space to build clean, responsive applications and focus on web development.


Selected Projects

REACH | Text Scheduler

Problem: There isn't an easy way for modern small businesses to schedule and manage outgoing text messages to reach and retain their customers.

Solution: REACH is a text message scheduler web app that provides a clean interface for writing and scheduling out text messages to be sent to contacts. This app is built on the Twilio API and the message storage and scheduling is handled in Node.js, Express.js, MySQL.

Role: Front-end UI/UX design and form data capturing, including creating design mockups, form validation, and building with Handlebars and Materialize.

Note: Demo link provides a dummy account for front-end display only. Text messages will not send without a Twilio enterprise account.

Github Demo

Boring Political App

Problem: Searching for and reviewing upcoming federal bills is not straightforward or appealing.

Solution: Utilizing the ProPublica and Google Civic APIs, the Boring Political App lets the user search for a current political issue that they want to learn more about. The user is given information about upcoming bills relevant to their search and contact information for your specific US representatives and senators members. The honesty and simplicity of the app and its name help provide an approachable experience for users.

Role: Front-end UI/UX design, including creating design mockups, building mobile-responsive layouts with Bootstrap, and creating custom element stylization in LESS.

Github Demo

Love Foundation | Micro Donation Website Template

Problem: It's not easy for small organizations to setup a simple, standalone landing website from scratch that's also setup to accept user micro donations.

Solution: Love Foundation is publicly available starter template code for a modern, standalone website that has user accounts and can accept micro donations. This website is built on the Stripe API with the structure and styling being handled with React, Bootstrap and custom CSS. The user account information is handled with Node.js and MongoDB.

Role: Led Front-end UI/UX design team, including creating UI maps, design mockups and wireframes, and led the design implementation process and integration with the back-end development.

Github Demo

Crystal Collector Game

Crystal Collector is a simple addition, memory, and guessing game using javascript and jQuery. The values of crystals keep changing and you have to keep them straight in your head to hit the right target crystal collection value.

Github Demo

Science Trivia Game

This is a simple timed trivia game using javascript and jQuery. The game will present science themed questions and you will have to choose an answer before the time runs out. The next question will automatically display and the timer will reset.

Github Demo

Composer Guessing Game

This is a word guessing game with a classical composer theme. The user guesses letters on their keyboard to identify the letters that spell out the target word selected.

Github Demo

Current Work-In-Progress Projects

Happiness Tracking

A data visualization project utilizing D3.js, Express.js and Handlebars to display my personal happiness tracking data over the past 7 months of 2018.

Github Demo